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Oil Free Sander
Velcro and Holes
Velcro 15 Holes


Pro. Air Random Orbital Palm Sander Kit; Oil Free
Self-generated Vacuum; speed:12000 rpm
Pad Dia.:6"; Air Cons : 6.7cfm
Hook Face Pad; Orbital Dia. : 5mm
With Hose & Dust Bag

• New Technology Rubbing Compound.
• The air consumption of all our sanders is about 160 L/min, comparing with others whose air consumption, in general, is 240 ~ 390 L/min, our sanders will save you the cost of the electricity for the compressors.
• Due to our sanders are very smooth when using, comparing with others whose utility rate of the sanding paper is about 35% ~ 40%, ours is 95%. You may save the cost of the sanding paper.
• With very low vibration, it's very suitable for the users frequently for a long time operating.
• Very few dust caused when using all of our sanders, no matter it's OIL FREE or the normal one.